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Zeugniskonferenz Kl. 9-11, der Nachmittagsunterricht fällt aus.
Die Nachmittags- AGs der Sekundarstufe 5 – 11 finden statt.
Schüler, welche auf die 15.30 Uhr AGs warten müssen, werden von 14.00 Uhr- 15.30 Uhr betreut (Information erfolgt über die Klassenlehrer).

Report conference, Class 9-11,
No afternoon lessons for classes 5-11 but activities will take place.
Students who have to wait for the 3.30 p. m activities will be supervised from 2.00 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. (more information will be provided by the class teachers).

Exkursion Klasse 10 Hr. Gehrke, Fr. Sell
Excursion Class 10 Mr. Gehrke, Ms. Sell

Staffparty zum Schuljahresende
Staff party at the end of the school year

Gottesdienst zum Schuljahresende
Service at the end of the school year

Sport- und Spieletag, Ausflug der GS
Sports and games day, Primary School excursion

Sommerferien (letzter Schultag: 5.07.;
erster Schultag: 19.08;
Erste GK 14.08 Präsenztage: 14.08)

Summer holidays (Last school day: 05.07.;
First school day: 19.08.; – Attendance days:14.08)
First GK 14.08

Schulversammlung zum Ende des Schuljahres
School meeting at the end of the school year

Einschulung der Klasse 1 um 9.40 Uhr in der Turnhalle
Enrolment of class 1 at 9.40 am in the Multi Purpose Hall

Bio Market mit Kinderflohmarkt @ DSN von 10.00 bis 15.00 h
Organic Market with Kids Flea Market @ GSN from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

50 jähriges Jubiläum Deutsch Schule Nairobi
Celebration: 50 Years Germans School Nairobi

Mission & Vision, School Profile and School Programme

School Profile of the German School Nairobi

The German School Nairobi is a German Speaking School Abroad, which is supported by public funds from the Federal Republic of Germany. The school leads to Advanced Level Certified Examinations, and proactively encourages an intensive cultural exchange with its host country Kenya.

The school is a lively site of German culture. It allows its students access to both the German language and to an educational system from German speaking countries.
Students, whose parents live in East and Central Africa on a long or short term basis, are offered an education which will later allow them to attend schools in Germany, to attend another German School Abroad, and to continue their tertiary education in a German or International University.

The basic framework, including the syllabi, the regulations on admittance to the next Class, and final certification follow the German school system, and guarantee a sound, all-round education.

In lessons, as well as in extra-curricular activities, students develop their general, social and learning abilities through a process designed to promote autonomous learning. Thus the students can mature into responsible and self confident personalities.

Through the varied cultural and social activities, the German School Nairobi is suited to, and therefore acts as, the cultural centre of the German community. Furthermore, the school acts as a mediator between the German and Kenyan cultures, and thus fulfils its function as an international meeting place.

Working together of all members of the school - students, parents, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, is characterised by readiness in communication, tolerance and mutual respect.

The commitment of the school, as laid out in its Mission and Vision Statement, will be made concrete in the School Programme, which will be evaluated regularly for its quality.

The complete document may be downloaded here:

Mission and Vision Statement of the GSN

Michael Grzimek (*1934 Germany - †1959 Tanzania) dedicated his life to nature in East Africa. The school carries his name in memory of the work that built a bridge between cultures.

The complete document may be downloaded here:

School Programme of the German School Nairobi

The German School Nairobi has a School Programme, which ensures that all the intentions of the Mission and Vision Statement of the school are implemented step by step. The school makes the goals of the school development transparent and evaluable. The School Programme contains goals, which have already been implemented as a part of the school structure, others which are currently being developed, as well as plans for evaluation. The Programme is split according to the categories which have been decided upon in the Mission and Vision Statement of the school. The School Programme will be updated and changed whenever deemed necessary.

The document may be downloaded here: