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School Rules and Regulations

The school can only fulfil its duties, if the school authorities, the school Headmaster, teachers, students and guardians / parents work together with mutual trust. The acceptance of the School Regulations reflects this co-operation.

School Agreement

The German School Nairobi is a lively and open school that supports cultural diversity. Respect and tolerance, politeness and a willingness to help shape interaction with one another.

Parents and teachers uphold the responsibility of education and understand their function as role models. Our students know their rights and duties and act accordingly. For this environment we observe the principles written down in the School Agreement. 

School Rules

Please find below rules for students' behaviour in the Priomary School and consequences when not following the rules.



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And here you can download the School Rules booklet for students, parents and teachers of the Secondary School.

Rules of conduct in school busses

Rules for the use of computers and network