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Treasures of Kenia

6th February 2019 at 6.00 PM (in German language)
@ Deutsche Schule Nairobi 

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PA Sitzung
PA Meeting

Zeugniskonferenz GS, 9-11, Zulassungskonferenz 12,
Busse fahren um 13.30, keine AG's
Certificate conference GS, 9-11, admission conference 12
Buses leave at 1.30, No AG

Notenschluss GS 13.30
Note closure GS 1.30 PM

Fortbildung OLK 5
Training OLK 5

Fortbildung DaF/DFU Kairo
Training DaF/DFU Kairo

AG Presentation's Woche
AG Presentation week

MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah
MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah

3. FL-Sitzung
3. FL-Meeting

Zeugnisse Halbjahr
Zeugnisausgabe in der 6. Stunde;
Unterrichtsschluss nach der 6. Std. (keine AG).
Kein Nachmittagsunterricht
Busse fahren 13.30 Uhr
Ende des ersten Halbjahres.

Issue of semi-annual reports
Issue of certificates in the 6th hour;
Closing time after the 6th hour. (no AG)
No afternoon classes
Buses leave at 1.30 PM
End of the first half-year.

Die 50 Schätze von Kenia @ 6.00 PM im Spiegelsaal
Treasures of Kenya @ 6.00 PM in the hall of mirrors

German School Society

The School Society, founded in 1964, is the executive body of the German School Nairobi. Parents of all our students automatically become members of the society. We welcome alumni, former teachers and parents as well as friends and supporters of the German School to join the school society as members.

Society's tasks

It is the society's main task to guarantee German speaking school classes and education, guiding our students to sit final exams and obtain acknowledged school leaving certificates. Students holding these certificates are entitled to apply and register with higher education institutions and universities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The German School offers additional history and social science classes designed for students of Swiss nationality, so-called "Swiss classes". The Society of Swiss Parents is the relevant platform for the German School's Swiss clientele.
The school society vouches that all the income generated is used exclusively to achieve the above-mentioned aim. Relevant documentation of which is provided by the annual return and balance sheet presented at the annual members meeting.

General Meetings

Since 2013/2014 each year two General Meetings are conducted. In the first meeting the members of the German School Society elect the School Society Board as their representatives. By attending the General Meeting of the School Society the parents show their personal interest in the school education of their children and are asked to give their votes for important decisions such as new investments or school fee modifications. By running for and by joining the Board they can be part of the future school development. Only when parents get widely involved in the school activities, the German School Nairobi can maintain its position as a German speaking educational institution in East Africa.

Constitution of the German School Society