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Treasures of Kenia

6th February 2019 at 6.00 PM (in German language)
@ Deutsche Schule Nairobi 

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PA Sitzung
PA Meeting

Zeugniskonferenz GS, 9-11, Zulassungskonferenz 12,
Busse fahren um 13.30, keine AG's
Certificate conference GS, 9-11, admission conference 12
Buses leave at 1.30, No AG

Notenschluss GS 13.30
Note closure GS 1.30 PM

Fortbildung OLK 5
Training OLK 5

Fortbildung DaF/DFU Kairo
Training DaF/DFU Kairo

AG Presentation's Woche
AG Presentation week

MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah
MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah

3. FL-Sitzung
3. FL-Meeting

Zeugnisse Halbjahr
Zeugnisausgabe in der 6. Stunde;
Unterrichtsschluss nach der 6. Std. (keine AG).
Kein Nachmittagsunterricht
Busse fahren 13.30 Uhr
Ende des ersten Halbjahres.

Issue of semi-annual reports
Issue of certificates in the 6th hour;
Closing time after the 6th hour. (no AG)
No afternoon classes
Buses leave at 1.30 PM
End of the first half-year.

Die 50 Schätze von Kenia @ 6.00 PM im Spiegelsaal
Treasures of Kenya @ 6.00 PM in the hall of mirrors

Lower and Upper Secondary

12 school years to attain School Leaving Examination Certificate

The German School Nairobi (DSN) introduced the 12-year school system (up to school leaving examination certificate - "Abitur") in 2004/2005.
Essentially, the syllabus for Lower and Upper Secondary is based on the curriculum of the Federal State of Thuringia with special consideration given to subjects relevant in connection with our host country Kenya such as English, geography and history.

Overview Secondary School

Lower Secondary

Class 5 (Orientation Level) 30 lessons/ week
Class 6 31 lessons/ week
Class 7 32 lessons/ week
Class 8 34 lessons/ week
Class 9 35 lessons/ week

Upper Secondary

Class 10 35 lessons/ week
Class 11 35 (38) lessons/ week
Class 12 35 (38) lessons/ week

Orientation Level

Class 5 is tantamount to an orientation level in which students of all levels of performance are taught in one class. At the end of class 5 and after intensive and careful observation of their individual learning modes students will be assessed and grouped into either DSN-secondary modern school (Hauptschule), DSN-secondary intermediate school (Realschule) or DSN-secondary high school (Gymnasium). These classifications may be altered until the end of class 8 and are decided upon at the end of each school year by the class conference. A student who, for example, has been assessed to join secondary high school can switch to secondary intermediate as per decision of and application by his parents.

Lower Secondary (Gymnasium)

Lower Secondary (Gymnasium) comprises classes 6 – 9. Students of all classifications (secondary modern, secondary intermediate or secondary high school) attend the same lessons as a respective class unit whereby special attention is given to each student’s individual requirement. Each student can attain the final school leaving examination certificate for his classification level while secondary high school students are being prepared for Upper Secondary.

Upper Secondary

Class 10
Class 10 serves a special purpose. It guides secondary intermediate students towards their final exams and prepares secondary high school students for Upper Secondary. Class 11 and 12 are termed as "qualification phase" in which all a student's half-term marks achieved in class 11 and 12 are considered when his final school leaving examination (Abitur) is graded.
Secondary intermediate students who have passed their final exams have the chance to repeat class 10 and then join the qualification phase. Details are laid down in the school's regulations and the examination conduct regulations respectively.

High School Leaving Examination Certificate (Abitur)
The examination inspector of the Permanent Conference of Ministers of Education of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) presides over the final school leaving examination. A successful high school leaving certificate by the German School Nairobi is equal to the "Abitur"-exam held at high schools in Germany with facultative subject courses and entitles the student to enter universities and colleges in the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and in numerous non-European countries such as USA, Australia, South Africa.

German International School Leaving Certificate (DIAP)

Having introduced the German International School Leaving Certificate (DIAP) the German School Nairobi is in a position to offer an internationally acknowledged education and examination not only to children of German, Swiss and Austrian nationality, but also to students of other nationalities.

Extracurricular activities Secondary School

Kindly find here our schedule for the offered extracurricular activities for the secondary school - AGs Secondary School.