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5. Dienstbesprechung GS 15.45 Uhr
5. Primary School Meeting 3.45 pm

GK 5 Beginn 15.45 Uhr
5th Teachers Conference beginning at 3.45 pm

Swimming festival

Schulfrei, Brückentag
No School (bridge day)

Tag der Arbeit - unterrichtsfrei
Labour Day - No School

LEG II (kein Nachmittagsunterricht)
Learning development talks (No afternoon lessons)

Firm-und Konfirmationsgottesdienst GSELC
Confirmation Service GSELC

Muttertagsfeier Kindergarten
Mother's Day celebration, Kindergarten

Art exhibition

PA/FA- Sitzung
PA/FA- Meeting

Textbook Lending System - Lower and Upper Secondary


Who can take part in the Textbook Lending System?

The system is available to students from Classes 5 - 12. No student is obliged to participate in this system.

How does this system work?

A list of the books which are compulsory for each class for the academic year is available in our download section just below on this page.

From this list you can see what books and materials can be borrowed from the school (marked L), and which ones are available only for sale (marked S).

Students who have registered for the textbook lending system (with parental signature) will receive the set of required textbooks in the first week of school. This packet can only be borrowed as a complete set. Students cannot borrow individual books from the packet.

School materials and books marked with the letter "L" can be borrowed under this system. Other books required in the class, such as work books, atlases, formula booklets etc. will be marked "S" and will be available on sale at the school during the first few weeks.

In order to prevent unnecessary exchanges, please discuss with your child which books s/he needs to buy (not borrow!) before the beginning of the academic year.

Please note that books marked with an "L" will no longer be sold (new or used) at all at the GSN.


How much does the Textbook Lending System Cost?


Class 5

60 Euro

Class 6

60 Euro

Class 7

60 Euro

Class 8

60 Euro

Class 9

70 Euro

Class 10

70 Euro

Class 11

70 Euro

Class 12

70 Euro


This fee is non-refundable, even when the books are returned on or before time.

The fee is valid for one academic year. At the beginning of each academic year, you have the choice of whether to register for the system or not.

You will receive an invoice for the fixed text book fee and any additional materials that you buy along with the invoice for the school fees.

What happens if a book is damaged or lost?

Each book in the lending system is meant for only one student, and this student is responsible for returning his / her book undamaged and in a good condition. Students may not mark the book in any way (including underlining, comments in margins etc.) If a book is damaged in any way, or if it is lost, the student will be obliged to pay fee to replace the book.

In order to prevent damages, all students are required to cover their textbooks. Students must cover the books within the first two weeks of school. If this is not done, the class teachers will take the book away from the student after the end of the second week. Students will then be obliged to bring a cover to school and cover the book in class, before getting the book back.

The books will be re-collected as a complete set towards the end of the academic year. Should the student not be able to return the book on the day assigned, two further return dates will be proposed.

If the books are not returned by the last date given, they will be considered lost, and will be charged for.

The school reserves the right to check the books when they are returned, and to reject any books considered too damaged to be re-used. Such books will be charged for.

Registration and deadlines

Registration for the Lending System can be done by completing the Registration form which is available in our Download section just below on this page. Please fill out a separate form for each child. Do also hand in a form if you are not registering for the textbook lending system. Kindly hand in the completed and signed form to the Class Teacher(s) of your child(ren).

Registration dates for the lending system for the next school year will be announced in time and must be redone for every new academic year. Even if you are already registered for the textbook lending system for the current year, you must re-register for the next academic year.

Please note!

If you have not registered by the deadline and therefore not ordered the text book packet, the school will assume that you will acquire the books yourself. The German School Nairobi will no longer sell new or used textbooks.


Download - Textbook List Secondary

Download - Registration Textbook Lending System


Registration Form for Textbook Lending System
Academic Year 2016/17
Please fill out a separate form for each child. Do also hand in a form, if you are not registering for the textbook lending system. Kindly hand in the completed and signed form to the current Class Teacher(s) of your child(ren) only.
New Parents could send the completed form to the enclosed Email address.
457 kB

Download - Pricelist Materials