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Treasures of Kenia

6th February 2019 at 6.00 PM (in German language)
@ Deutsche Schule Nairobi 

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PA Sitzung
PA Meeting

Zeugniskonferenz GS, 9-11, Zulassungskonferenz 12,
Busse fahren um 13.30, keine AG's
Certificate conference GS, 9-11, admission conference 12
Buses leave at 1.30, No AG

Notenschluss GS 13.30
Note closure GS 1.30 PM

Fortbildung OLK 5
Training OLK 5

Fortbildung DaF/DFU Kairo
Training DaF/DFU Kairo

AG Presentation's Woche
AG Presentation week

MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah
MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah

3. FL-Sitzung
3. FL-Meeting

Zeugnisse Halbjahr
Zeugnisausgabe in der 6. Stunde;
Unterrichtsschluss nach der 6. Std. (keine AG).
Kein Nachmittagsunterricht
Busse fahren 13.30 Uhr
Ende des ersten Halbjahres.

Issue of semi-annual reports
Issue of certificates in the 6th hour;
Closing time after the 6th hour. (no AG)
No afternoon classes
Buses leave at 1.30 PM
End of the first half-year.

Die 50 Schätze von Kenia @ 6.00 PM im Spiegelsaal
Treasures of Kenya @ 6.00 PM in the hall of mirrors

Drug Prevention Days at the German School Nairobi

First Drug Prevention Day at the GSN - 3rd July 2015

This meeting on the 3rd July 2015 is the beginning of the cooperation between the German School Nairobi and Wapis Creation in the domains of drug prevention and social work, which has been planned for quite a while. 

The goal of this cooperation is to explain the chemical and psychological effects of drugs on the organism and to present methods to strengthen the studentspersonalities.

Communication about difficulties in school or social issues will primarily be in focus during the next meetings in order to ensure a good quality of drug prevention work and psychological health.

The focus of todays drug prevention day was the scientific approach on the effects of drugs as well as an awareness raising for the whole topic which was done through the personal stories of the guest speakers.

After a few opening statements from our headmaster Mr. Boddenberg and the main organizer of this programme, Mr. Rainer Busch ...

... Mr. Heshan de Silva spoke.


Even though some of the students have gotten to know him at the UN conference, which the German School is annually participating in, he grabbed everybodys attention.

In his very authentic and moving account he presented the years after his graduation from high school, which were characterized by gradually becoming a drug addict and eventually turning into a successful self-employed businessman after having gone through a process of detoxification.

A presentation done by class 11 on the effects of Marihuana followed ... 

... and were rounded up by the personal stories of the founder of Wapis Creation Peter Kamau ...

... and some of his members, who had all been former drug addicts.

In between the presentations the students from Star Kids School, who have a cooperation with our school on behalf of Experimento, surprised us with dancing and singing performances.

We think that our first Drug Prevention Day was very successful and want to thank everybody who has contributed to its success.

More impressive photos from this important event here

Rainer Busch, Regina Weber-Bernardo