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Extracurricular and Sports Activities

Extracurricular Activities (AGs)

The German School Nairobi offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, which are included in the school fees, most of them are offered at no extra cost.

The offer applies to all school level:

The extracurricular activities can be changed at the beginning of each semester.

The registration for the extracurricular activities, lunch and school bus transportation for the whole school (kindergarten, primary school and secondary school) is carried out at the beginning of every new school semester through online registration. The weblink for this shall be sent to parents via e-mail within the first week of every new school semester.

In addition, we offer a range of extracurricular activities for adults - parents, staff members and other interested groups.

Sports Activities

Our school compound offers a great variety of indoor and outdoor sport activities which are actively and extensively used during sports lessons in the mornings and after hours in the afternoons. Students can always be seen on the soccer field, in the 25-metres-swimming pool, in the multi-purpose hall (with oscillating floor), on the beach volleyball field or using our tennis courts.

Our sports facilities can be used by all students, parents and staff members of German School who are members of the German School Society as well as from other visitors who are non-members of the German School Society. Kindly find here our opening hours & fee structure for using our sports facilities. For registration and tickets kindly contact our secretary.

Highlights in our school sports calendar are the Swimming Gala and the Athlectic Games ("Bundesjugendspiele"). With all students from Class 1 - 12 participating, these events help to maintain and further strengthen our active school community. News & photos of our extracurricular and sports activities you will find here:

For all question regarding our extracurricular activities, sports and sports events please contact our AG-Coordinator.

DSN Scouts


Oku Oku Okupotato!  Cheche Chechekule! Louder... Cheche - chechekule! 
Now, today we will be learning about different knots to play around with. Having that the camp will be in this semester,  we need to know how to tie the knots well before we go to the ground. 

Instructions, quite clear. The chants, covers up for the energy and psych needed as per scouts law which dictates that a scout should be: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, clean and reverent. 

Did you know you can make a bridge or table using only knots? May seem impossible but Mr. Wachira aka Mr. Bluetooth and Ms. Valentine come in to explain this phenomenon.  As easy as directions may seem, how about trying to hack this with your eyes shut? Or at the back of your hands or on a pole? 
Let's try doing the reef knot step by step... 
  1.        Take the rope
  2.        Bring two ends of the same cords together – right and left
  3.        Tie a half knot - spiral to the right , clockwise
  4.        Bring the two ends back together – left over right
  5.        Tie a second half knot – spiral to the left, anticlockwise
There you have it :


Aside from this, the scouts take into thinking the camping process having their pledges made to guard and guide. Fortunately and with hard work added, one of the students may eventually become a cadet or eagle scout.

Aside from their pledge, their commitment to the country is shown every time they raise the flag and say out their pledge. With this,  the two coordinate a team of at least 15 students and with this they acquire leadership skills, self-confidence,  obedience and submission to the Scouts Law. 

Quite remarkable ! Yes?  Yes!  

Oku Oku!  Okupotato!  Cheche Chechekule! 

The Urban Dance Masters

‘One-two-three, snap and turn. One-two step, one-two step. Again!’

Quite common to hear that from a choreographer at practice.

Thing is, it is quite easy choreographing dance moves in your head as soon as you listen to your favorite song. Relatable? Yes! Now let’s just into stage and see who does it best. Difficult, I presume with quite a number defending themselves that they have two left feet.

Fact is, just as music is the shorthand of emotion, so is dance the hidden language of the soul. Well, quite a number of people hide behind the myth that you must be born a dancer to be a good dancer. Totally wrong! Dance is just a skill like any other and can be taught as easily as a child learns to walk, the trap is the willingness to learn and be flexible while at it.

Here, Mr. Paul Irungu and Ms. Katherina Richter double up not only as dance teachers but make you feel the joy of movement and flexibility. With the two being the head choreographers, they manage a team of students from Classes 1 to 11 each with their skills and dance preferences but quite flexible and interesting to look at.

With a wide range of choreography choices, the team commonly covers Afro music and Hip Hop music. Quite appealing right? Actually, there are a variety of benefits for dancing as it can  regularly can improve your general well-being, boosts your self-esteem and has also been shown to improve your social skills. The difficult part is igniting the spark in you to start dancing till you lose yourself in the musical rhythm.

Can you be free, relax and take it easy? Now that is the spirit of dance.

So, get up on your feet and dance till you feel better.

Mountain Biking - two wheels move the soul

Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced, you must keep moving.

Well those may seem just like a number of wise words to carry you through life and its challenges, but hey, let’s take a mind shift into its practicality.

Balancing on a bicycle not only requires focus but also endurance and consistency. Okay! How many times have you fallen head down – feet up while trying to balance on a bike? Countlessly I presume, but still the joy that comes with acquiring the skill is out of this world.

This week, we get into the mountain biking world. You may probably be lost in thought on how this happens here at GSN. You might need some observation glasses for this one. Well with the good land terrain from the sports field onwards, there is plenty of space to learn and practice the skill as well as try out some new techniques.

It may seem pretty easy telling someone to get comfortable out of the saddle or to practice good balance or also to keep trying even when they cannot ride through a section trail. Each one of these come with acquired skills on; proper bike set up, body positioning, efficiency and strength training. All of these are taught to a group of students from Classes 1-4 by Mr. Ben Wahome aka the Bike Master.

For Mr.Wahome, mountain biking is far from only a leisure activity but also a fitness activity for good posture coordination, strengthened bones, improved joint mobility and reduced anxiety. Plus it gives legs of steel. Also, no need to pay for gas or parking fees, a big yes I presume 

Lastly, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close. Yes? Yes!

Besides, you’re only one bike ride away from a good mood because two wheels move the soul.

Mini World Cup

The yearly Mini World Cup was organized perfectly as usual by ISK on their fields on May 11th. The GSFC participated in all four age categories: U6, U7, U9 and U11.

U7 and U9 managed only two draws in their four matches. U6 surprised with two draws and one win becoming third among 8 teams. But our pride was the U11! They won three times and drew twice in the group games to get to the final where they beat Diamond Soccer Academy 2:0. 

The cup was theirs! They will find themselves on the photos. Congratulation !   


Junior School Band or the Junior Musical Einsteins

"By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down. There we went, when we remembered Zion."

Quite a good old oldie to snap your fingers and jam to right? But, quick question, when was the last time you played a piano, beat the drums, blew the trumpet or even took vocal practice? It’s been a minute I bet.

Well, they say music is a piece of art that goes in the ears, straight to the heart. Music here at the German School is of its own importance with its foundation being discipline, creativity and talent. There is no substitute or replacement for music as it relates to the positive growth and development of the human mind, body and spirit.
This week, walk with me into the musical world of the Junior school band, an A.G. coordinated by Mr. Erastus Ng’ang’a. People say that for some, music flows through their veins. Well, he is the perfect example for this.

Every Tuesday afternoon, a group of talented students meet in the band room to jam to a wide range of pop music. With each one showing their mastery in music, it definitely is an amazing sound to listen to. This way, band members get into the infinite journey of creative expression connecting to a language (music) that is understood, communicated, and appreciated by all of mankind.

With a wide range of instrument coordination, Mr. Ng’ang’a and his junior band can play; the classical piano and keyboard, the drums, the trumpet, the saxophone, both bass and acoustic guitars plus singing. I’m sure you have seen quite some of their remarkable performances during the assemblies.
Weirdly, they do not have a band name yet. If I were you, I would join before the glory so we would shine altogether. Music sure is a place for everyone.

Knockout in the making

I am the greatest, I said that before I knew who I was ~ Muhammad Ali

Well, a lot of stereotypes have been made on boxing and it's violent nature and it's power of mind destruction, building a negative mindset amongst quite a multitude. 
Now imagine when a stranger grabs something from you, or someone throws some sand at you, First reaction? A quick punch I'm thinking...followed by a couple more of that but Heeeyyy....didn’t quite cross your mind before right? 

Perhaps the imagination of the same is a number of undercuts, knockouts, punches and jaw displacements, forgetting that some of the greatest world changers were boxers. 

At the GSN, this AG is coordinated by Mr. Eric Agor who is in charge of a team of students from Class 1-4, as they acquire their boxing skills. From time to time, they engage in competitions amongst themselves and others teams. 
With it not only being a game, some of the skills evidently acquired include perseverance, consistency, focus, striving in your opponents weakness, knowing when to hit and above all courage and bravery. 
Now, destroy your mindset on what you think of boxing. Invest in the skill and learn the lessons to step up because you don’t lose when you get knocked down, but when you stay down. 

Art from our Motherland - Africa

“Get your scissors in place and begin to cut slowly and smoothly in a square, then show it to me as soon as you are done.”
Seems quite simple, maybe like a quick step or hop, quite easy. But hey, before concluding on how much of a 123 step it may be, its necessity requires attention to detail, creativity, originality, patience just to give but a few. Now that is the beauty of African Arts.

From little frames made from banana leaves, to adorable pictures and dry leaf boats, the list is endless. These amazing pieces have been drawn and executed by Mrs. Mary Kanini who additionally coordinates her team. This team consists of students from class 1 to 4 each one with a heart for art. Creativity and originality also comes from the students having in mind that creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. With this, each and every student is able to add in a sparkle of their ideas to put together an African masterpiece.

Every Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Kanini comes in with an object prototype of an artistic piece, then begins coordinating the making process for the same with the students. This is done on wide range from items such as; frames, newspaper animals, boats and so much more. All items made by the creative team are made from natural products like, thread, newspapers, banana leaves etc. Just to ensure the artistic mess is in control and to keep the environment clean.

Sporadically, a few messes and paint splashes, pours and disasters are seen but hey, who said creativity having fun missed a mess?
Next time you see a group of students outside the cafeteria making cutouts and gluing things together to form a beautiful piece of art, you should probably join them.
Oh! And also don’t forget to book them for décor in your next party, they sure would do quite a good job with their African pieces.

Chess, The Game of Kings!

Well, a lot of myths and misconceptions on chess with the most outstanding ones being that the game is only for nerds and smart people. But hey, there is somewhat a correlation between chess ability and general intelligence. Chess, after all, does involve an efficient use of various compartments of the brain. As for the nerd section, quite quirky, but even if it were true, then so what? Why not explore the platform before concluding on the same?

The art of not only knowing but also understanding what is to move where and at what time is an absolute mind engaging and adrenaline rushing experience with chess. Well before you bolt into its mastery are the basics of the opening principles to guide movement of pawns and pieces during the early stages of the game. These aid in the proficiency of strategic and tactical ideas.

This outstanding A.G. is being coordinated by Mr. V. Roberto and Mr. Peter who are both handling classes 1 - 5. The technicalities of the game require concentration, quick and smart thinking with its banking leaning on tactics and quick movement and sight. With a team of over ten students, from time to time students engage in competitions amongst themselves.

Every Wednesday afternoon, from 2:00 – 3:30pm, the coordination on the same begins with the teachers taking in students with all manner of prowess in chess, without excluding those who are blank on the same.
With its knowledge being likened to that of an artist painting a masterpiece, the skill to take home is to learn to move in silence and speak only when it’s time to say checkmate!

Yummy Bakery Art Wall !

Art, pencils, creativity, paint and steady hands are the perfect ingredients to beautify the DSN walls. Well, perhaps you may have noticed the artwork on many of the walls in the school done by our little artists with magical hands. Mesmerizing right? That’s just but a drop in the ocean. There is a new painting at the back of the school strategically placed to attract the eye and off course, allow you to soak in its beauty.

You’re probably thinking, Yummm! The picture looks tasty by sight! Hold your horses first. These amazing pieces are planned and painted by the wall painting A.G. of the DSN, assisted and coordinated by art teacher Kathrin van Rensburg. A lot of creativity from a student team of 5 girls, painting tirelessly, looking towards a beautiful outcome. It is hoped to be completed before the end of the school year.

Every Wednesday afternoon, a team of artists first design their shop front, choose a wall with a theme and then begin the process throughout the term. This is done on wide range from the little artists to the bigger one but this term its all klasse 4.

From time to time, a few paint splashes, pours and disasters are seen but hey, what is art without a mess?

Next time you bump into a bunch of students in black aprons and quite some paint colors on their hands, aprons and faces, you should probably join the team and make the school beautiful.

The earth without art is just “Eeeehh!”

Gardening Wednesdays !

Think about a garden full of organic cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, beetroots, herbs and so much more. Must be pleasant, right? That’s why Wednesdays are Gardening days here at GSN!

With this, every Wednesday, the Primary and Secondary students go for their gardening sessions from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. The activity is coordinated by Dr. Silke Bollmohr and Mr. Florian Kliem who are both versed with Organic Gardening. With the engrossment being on Small Scale farming, the supervisors take in a maximum of ten students, from both groups, to enable for easy coordination.

This term, the students are learning on the "Indiana Garden" - Three Big Sisters cultivation. Students get to plant in maize, beans and pumpkin and all three grow together through the symbiosis process. The maize is first planted and grown to knee length to provide support for the climbing beans. The pumpkin is in turn used as a shade with its big leaves thus providing a good growing environment. This technique helps save on space and gives maximum harvest of all three crops as they are interdependent.

On matters harvest, the students get to carry their produce home as well as learn some recipes and make pizzas, snacks and oils. Additionally, students are taught with emphasis on reproducing the seeds after harvest so as to avoid waste. The Gardening operates on a 4-staged cycle of acquiring and sorting seeds, planting, growth and plant maintenance and eventually harvest. The seeds are then sorted out for reproduction thus maximum utility of the same. The seeds used are strictly organic and are mostly imported from Germany for authenticity and verification.

Barring the in-house small scale farming, the produce samples are given as a take-home to students, used for making some snacks at the cafeteria and also some is sold at the monthly Organic Market. Additionally, the students are able to engage in a cooperate exchange with a class in Berlin, Germany.

The information swap is done through video calls, pictures and text exchange. Further, a produce sample is sent to Germany and vice versa.
Conclusively, students now have a platform to not only learn Organic Gardening but also gain farming skills that are profitable for coming generations. Let’s go organic and so some farming while at it!

Swiss artist visit Art AG at the DSN

On Friday, 15.3.2019, we held a workshop with the Swiss artist Sandro Godel as part of the Art AG for students of Classes 7-12. Mr Godel taught 12 participants an interesting, but not easy mixed technique. The topic "Kenya" was painted with ink, collaged and printed.

In this way, we created book pages with pictures and comments, which the artist Godel will bind into a book. We thank the artist and the Swiss Embassy for making this interaction with a contemporary artist possible!

It rains medals at the school assembly!

Die Schulleiterin, Lehrer, Schüler und die Schulgemeinschaft ehrten am Montag unsere U19 Mädchen, die Fußballmannschaft, die U17 Jungen Basketball und das Schwimmteam.

The Principal, teachers ,students and the school community on Monday honored our U19 Girls football team, U17 Boys Basketball and the Swimming team.

The U19 Girls football team won this year Kenya Association of International School Sports Organisation league champions.

This was a great moment as it ist he first time our school has won the leaugue. A part from the medals, the girls also received the school's fleece jacket. Congratulations, Chelsea, Marie, Awino, Janna, Coach Martha, Sandra, Rachel, Ana, Claudia, Stephanie, Krystal, Lissa, Wema, Angela, Lucia and Naomi.

The U17 Boys Basketball team were also honored having played 14 games, with 13 wins and one lose. Unfortunately the Basketball league finals was postponed due to heavy rains.

The Swimming team participated at the International School of Kenya swimming gala and won 14 medals.
Congratulations to Lucia Ruchti whon won 6 gold medals and 1 Silver, Emma Wappler 5 Gold medals, Macro Polo -1 Bronze and Hanan Khan -1 Silver.

Friendly Games: GSN vs PREMIER ACADEMY

On Wednesday, the Premier Academy visited our school for friendlies matches in Basketball, Football and Table tennis. Our Boys Basketball team won 59:12; the girls won 22:11.

In football, the GSN boys’ team lost 2:0 and the girls lost 3:0.

In table tennis we lost 3:0.