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Erster Schultag
First day at school

Besuch der Nairobi Academy (DSN@NA)
Visit to the Nairobi Academy (DSN@NA)

Projekt HÖXTER
Project HÖXTER

Frau Seite SL-Tagung Beirut
Ms. Seite in Beirut

SchilF DaF/DFU

Aufführung "Heimat" mit Schülern der deutschen Partnerschule und den Starkids- Schülern
Performance "home" with pupils of the German partner school and the Starkids pupils

Treasures of Kenya 19:00 Uhr
Treasures of Kenya 7.00 PM

Federal Youth Games

Mitgliederversammlung des Schulvereins 19:00
General meeting of the school association 7:00 PM

School Library

The library which serves young and adult clients alike, plays an important role in everyday school life. Apart from a wide selection of books (at present more than 2,300 titles), our library offers journals and periodicals ("Der Spiegel", "Stern", "GEO" - to name but a few) and German daily papers (e.g. "FAZ", "Das Parlament"), audio tapes, CDs, movies on DVD as well as a variety of familygames.

With the exception of reference titles all media are available for lending for a period of 3 weeks. Extension of these periods may be granted after prior consultation with the librarian.

All members of the school society can use the library free of charge.

Email contact to the school library here.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday

8.00 am - 12.00 and 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm


8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Limited library operation

Kindly note that there could be temporary limited library service in the following morning hours because of library workshops for the primary school and kindergarten:

Monday 8:35 - 11:15 Kindergarten & Class 1
Tuesday 8:35 - 11:15 Kindergarten & Class 2
Wednesday 9:40 - 11:15 Kindergarten & Class 3
Thursday 9:40 - 11:15 Kindergarten & Class 1
Friday 9:40 - 11:15 Class 4

Regulations & Registration School Library

The students of the GSN will be equipped with library cards and the regulations for using the school library to be best prepared for the future use of large libraries at universities or towns.

Every student has to register for the school library. The usage of the library is necessary e.g. for the german and english lessons as well as general research. 

Therefore we would like to ask you to read the attached documents together with your children and fill out the registration form for students.

We also like to invite you as parents to borrow books from our library for yourself or for your children at the Kindergarten. Please fill out the registration form for parents additionally.