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Erster Schultag
First day at school

Besuch der Nairobi Academy (DSN@NA)
Visit to the Nairobi Academy (DSN@NA)

Projekt HÖXTER
Project HÖXTER

Frau Seite SL-Tagung Beirut
Ms. Seite in Beirut

SchilF DaF/DFU

Aufführung "Heimat" mit Schülern der deutschen Partnerschule und den Starkids- Schülern
Performance "home" with pupils of the German partner school and the Starkids pupils

Treasures of Kenya 19:00 Uhr
Treasures of Kenya 7.00 PM

Federal Youth Games

Mitgliederversammlung des Schulvereins 19:00
General meeting of the school association 7:00 PM

Ligi Ndogo - The Little League

Since the 4th of October 2008, the German School Nairobi is the home of the 4thLigi Ndogo (Little Football League) centre for children. Ligi Ndogo is a Kenyan programme with three principal aims:

1. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 have the opportunity to learn football with competent trainers.

2. Young Kenyan football talent can be recognised early, and can be promoted both in terms of nurturing the talent as well as strengthening character.

3. Team sport is an excellent way of bridging the gap between rich and poor population groups.

The Ligi Ndogo is managed as a private company, which is financed mainly by advertising and contributions by parents from well-to-do homes. It already has centres on Ngong Road, in Langata and in South C. The German School Nairobi makes its football fields available to the Ligi Ndogo every Saturday morning for a small fee. This "Gigiri Centre" offers the opportunity of bringing children from Runda and its environs together with those from Githogoro and Huruma. This of course is in perfect harmony with the three aims of the league.

The German School Nairobi sees the following additional advantages of this league:

  • It is a good advertising tool for the school, when families from well-to do backgrounds visit the school and get to know its educational system.
  • The field that would normally not be used on a Saturday morning is thus being well-used, and brings in a small income which benefits the Sports Department of the school.

Students of the German School are welcome to participate in the Ligi Ndogo Programme, which also organises football tournaments each year, with the final grand prize of a football trip to Manchester.

For more information, please contact the trainer for this centre, Mr Ali,(0720 247841) or Dr Tenambergen (0726 677955) Information on the Ligi Ndogo can be found on its website:

Contact numbers for the Ligi Ndogo are 020 521 3426 and 0720 681 831. You can also go to the Ligi Ndogo offices on Ngong Road, which are open daily from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 06.30 p.m.