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On the 30th of August, 19 new children were ceremoniously admitted to Class 1 of the German School Nairobi.

Date 10/09/2012

The ceremony started with a welcome song from the Primary School Choir, "Wunderbar, ihrseid da", (it's great that you are finally here). With this song, it was very clear to the newcomers how much fun school can be! The Headmaster, Mr Boddenberg welcomed the children and Mrs Zanker, who will be the class teacher of the new children. As new-comers to the school themselves, both Mr Boddenberg and Mrs Zanker received a "Schultüte" (a cone shaped goody-bag, traditionally given to all Class 1 children on the first day of school).

The Headmaster then passed the microphone to Mr Haße, the Head of the Primary School, who led the rest of the ceremony. All the children of the Primary School were present, and together with the new children and their parents, they had the pleasure of watching the play of Class 2, "The lion who could not write". Their teacher, Margit Probst had amended the book of the same name (originally written by M, Baltscheit) especially for this day. The lion who could not write, as he could roar mightily, found himself in a rather tricky situation, as he wanted to court a lioness. One thing he knew: he could not kiss her straightaway! But he was also not able to write his own love letter, and so was forced to go from one animal to another, to help him write this letter! However, each animal expressed his love in a very "unlion- like" manner! The monkey invited the lioness (on behalf of the lion of course) to join him on a tree-climbing adventure, followed by a banana party. The dung beetle decided to add his scent to the love letter! Neither the giraffe, nor the crocodile were able to write what the enamoured lion wanted to say to his lady friend.
Finally the lion simply had to roar out to the lioness how much he wanted to be able to write to her, to be able to tell her how much he would enjoy lazing around with her. Overwhelmed by the power of this roar, the lioness took the lion under her care, and began to teach him from the beginning: B for beginning!
The former Class 1 students had already started practising the play at the end of last year. Despite the long holidays in between, they all remembered their lines well, and presented them superbly, dressed appropriately as the lion and other jungle animals. Students of Class 12 had taken care of creating a beautiful jungle scene for the backdrop, and Luka and Philip, students of Class 10 looked after backstage management and lights.
After a huge applause for the actors, Class 1 students went off for their first lesson, and their parents were invited to a welcome reception at the Cafeteria.

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