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Globall at the German School

Date 25/11/2012

Once a year, 7-10 year old students from the Dutch, French, Swedish, Norwegian and German schools get together for a special sporting event. This day is called “Globall”, owing to the sporting and international exchange that takes place on the day. The German School Nairobi was the host this year. More than 80 children came to our sports fields, from which we formed six mixed international teams.  So the lions played “Brennball” against the hippos, the giraffes played dodge ball against the eagles, and the rhino and the elephants played volleyball. Of course all teams had a chance to play all sports against all teams!


The ultimate goal of the event was not victory; it was more about enjoying playing together. At the end of all 3 disciplines, the Rhinos were just ahead of the other teams, and each member of this team received a trophy for their excellent performance.  This meant of course that every school had a winning member, and each member was greeted with loud cheers when the trophies were handed out. After four lessons of fun and games, the children had a small snack prepared by the Boarding House, and were then allowed to jump into the pool to cool off. Our guests left at 1.00 p.m., tired but happy.

A very special thanks goes to Viberti Nyakang’o for organising the “Globall”.


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