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Memorial Service for Laura Blanche at the German School

Date 30/01/2013

On the 17th of January 2013, the German School Nairobi participated in a very touching memorial service for Laura Blanche (Cl. 10), who was fatally injured in a motorbike accident during the Christmas holidays.


The service, which was attended by the students from Classes 5-12, the teachers, members from the School Board, parent representatives, and all other employees of the school, began with a short address by the Headmaster, Mr. Boddenberg. Students of Class 10, under the expert guidance of their class teacher, Ms. Petschl prepared the service with a lot of sympathy and deep empathy. They presented poems and letters they had composed themselves and written to Laura, complemented by some songs.

Shortly before the service ended, every person in the room lit a candle which had been placed on the chairs by the students of Class 10. After a minute's silence the candles were placed on a pedestal which also carried Laura's photograph. In a darkened room, this sea of light contributed to the poignant atmosphere which had characterized the entire memorial service.

A few words from our Pastor, Ms. Schulz-Ngomane completed the service.

For up to a week after the Christmas Holidays, students, teachers and parents were able to write their condolences in a book that was made available at the entrance of the school.

Laura, you will always remain alive in the memories of the school.

Ulrich Boddenberg


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