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Elections in Kenya: A Politics Expert speaks to parents and students of the school

Date 07/02/2013

What will happen after the Presidential Election on the 4th of March? This seems to be the most asked question currently, and for this reason,the Resource Centre of the German School Nairobi invited parents and students to a lecture by Dr. Ralph-Michael Peters on the 31st of January 2013.

Dr. Peters, who is the leader of Pre-Election Expert Mission of the EuropeanUnion, gave his presentation on, "Where is Kenya going? More reforms or renewed violence?", starting with an outline on the way the various parties work in Kenya. Here, he emphasized on the strong connection between political parties and ethnical tribe. Based on his experience in observing the last three Presidential Elections in Kenya, Dr. Peterssketched his starting position on the forthcoming election. Peters stated that he anticipate large-scale post-election violence.   However, he was unsure of how things will turn out,if there was no clear majority in the 4th March election, and did not rule out violence in this scenario. Dr. Peters was reluctant to say what his personal prediction would be.

The discussion that followed after the lecture, with questions from both parents and students went on to show how important this topic is, and we would like to thank Dr. Peters for agreeing to share his expertise with us.


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