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Swimming Gala on 22nd February

Date 28/02/2013

Students from Classes 1 to 10 met at the pool early in the morning, to decide once and for all who the fastest swimmers, the fastest classes, the best "board fishers" and the fastest "clothes changers" of the German School Nairobi are!

Thankfully, the weather, too, was perfect for a day at the pool. Accompanied by music and MCs from Class 10, we had a successful morning, and the most important aspect of it was spending time together in the water. It was no easy task for the students to jump in the pool with bellies full of delicious cakes, milkshakes and sausages, courtesy of Class 10 students. The official programme ended with the traditional relay between the students, parents, teachers and staff of the school, followed by the Awards Ceremony. The unofficial end of the sunny morning was, as always, the water disco, where not only the swimmers, but teachers and spectators standing around more or less took a (in) voluntary bath!



Winners of Class relays: Class 2 / Class 3 / Class 5 and Class 9

Winners of the "Board fishers":Class 1 / Class 4

Winners of the Clothes relays: Class 6 and Class 9


25m Class 1: Lynna Peters / Jim Kania

25m Class 2: Ilana Reblin / Safari Kraus

25m Class 3/4: Lucia Ruchti / Marcus Medcraft

25m Class 5/6: Vanessa Gachie / Daniel Bozukov

50m Class 7/8/9: Miriam Stegen / Harman Bassi



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