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Cultural Day at the Swedish School Nairobi

Date 06/06/2013

On the 4th of June, 12 children from Class 2 made their way to the Swedish School, accompanied by Mr Klempt, Ms Kierdorf and Ms Cordes, to celebrate a Cultural Day with several other international schools. Alongside with the German School, and of course the host, the Swedish School, the Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese Schools were also present.

After a warm welcome from Pippi Langstrumpf and her teacher Prysellius, (characters from a well-known Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren), all the children were able to observe typical cultural items from each of countries (the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Japan and Germany) in separate stalls. The students from the Norwegian School presented a short play, whereas the students from the Japanese School wrote the names of all the children using the Japanese alphabet. Students from both the Dutch and the German Schools read typical stories and fairy tales from their countries. At the end of the reading, the participants could draw pictures based on the stories. The Dutch students showed great patriotism, when they drew Little Red Riding Hood, not with a red, but an orange hood! All the children particularly liked the stall of the Swedish School, where the kids were allowed to run riot à la Pippi Langstrumpf, and spray the two policemen Kling and Klang with whipped cream! The Cultural Day was concluded with a lunch made up of specialties from each of the countries: Japanese Sushi, Swedish Köttbullar, Norwegian Porridge, Dutch Frikadellen, and German sausages and potato salad.

Katharina Cordes


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