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More success for the benchwarmers at the Rhino Charge

Date 06/06/2013

The Rhino Charge is an annual Fund-raising event, organised by Rhino Ark, an foundation that advocates for the maintenance of Kenya's eco-system.

Some of the projects of last year include the fencing of Mount Kenya National Park, and the construction of water towers, to ensure a working water supply countrywide. More than one million US$ are earned by this annual Off-Road Rally, where just the entrance costs between 750,000 and 1 million KES. Our school was only able to raise this rather large amount money through the generous donations of our main sponsors, Shell, Toyota, Phoenix Safaris, Sandai Logde, Café Tasse and Bayer among others. They also helped us with the advertising, and we are thus pictured in the international brochure for Shell. The highlight for us, of course, after a whole year's work, was the Charge itself. To be a part of this rally, and at the same time make a contribution to preserve Kenya's beauty is indeed an unforgettable experience. We participated with professionals in this sector, and could observe their professionalism very closely. Lucy (the Benchwarmers' car) was able to carry us across all obstacles, and we were this able to finish both the race and the project for the year. This remains an unforgettable experience for the team members, made possible by our sponsors, teachers and parents. 

Leon Manavi


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