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“Alphabet Party” in Class 1

Date 12/06/2013

Class 1 has completed learning all the letters of the alphabet, and what better way to celebrate than by having an Alphabet Party? This took place on the 7th of June.

Ms Zanker, the Class Teacher, greeted all the children parents present with a "Hello, How are you?" in the newly learnt alphabet sign language.

The programme started with students reporting on how they had learnt the alphabet: they had made shapes from play dough, they had written them in sand, or felt them using a blindfold.

This was followed a story the children had compiled themselves, about the "Alphabet Monster". Each child took turns recounting a paragraph of the story each. The story was about what the Alphabet Monster does from day A - day Z. Each child then received a certificate, proudly declaring that s/he can now read successfully!

The parents also congratulated their children, and gave each child a copy of the story book, "Hanno malt sich einen Drachen", which the class will read together as of next week. Mr Haße led the children in the song, "Alle Kinder lernenlessen" (all children learn how to read), which many parents also joined in!

Additionally, all the guests were given the opportunity to look around the differnt work stations, which displayed the various methods in which the alphabet had been learnt. So parents, too, could make a play dough letter, or feel one blindfolded, play word games, and even help their children stamp t-shirts with letters and other designs. The class also proudly displayed a collection of self-written fairy tales.

An obvious end to the celebration was alphabet soup, with homemade letter-shaped Pretzels for lunch!

Katharina Cordes


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