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Study Trip to Germany of Class 11

Date 29/11/2013

September and October in Germany. What may one imagine? Cold? Probably. Rain? Sometimes. We, class 11 experienced all these and more during our trip to south Germany.

Our stay spanned over two weeks, during which we lived with host families. The German host families were welcoming and kind, however the local High School encompassed 1500 students. Naturally those of us who had never visited a German High School before had to get used to their new circumstances. All in all our experiences lived on to be very positive.

The teachers and our corresponding students were very kind and courteous. As we are fast approaching the Abitur, our two accompanying teachers also gave us the opportunity to visit leading and respected universities in south Germany. Amongst these were: The University of Stuttgart, Mannheim University and the University of Heidelberg. Making sense of the given information and the vast selection and variations of the multiple courses of study was aided by an information workshop, held by two career councilors at the occupational information center in the Stuttgart city centre. During said workshop we learnt more about the correct choice of our field of studies rather than the several courses of study, some of us receiving one or the other useful pieces of advice for our futures.

Furthermore for each town or city we visited two students accepted the task to plan and carry out a small "get to know the town" game or even a simple tour of the city centers. Whereby many a times funny videos or pictures were captured, not to mention, many of us who were not familiar with the towns now have a rough grasp of their outlines.

Daily visits to universities were time consuming. this meant our first week of activities was over before we even knew it. Rather than spending our week with academically themed tasks, we used our remaining time getting to know south Germany and its environs.

On Monday we met our host town, Kirchheim, mayor and were given a tour of the city hall, ending pleasantly on city halls tower balcony, overlooking all of Kirchheim. The following day we made our way to the Mercedes Benz museum where we reviewed in great detail the evolution of the automobile in southern Germany.

Wednesday marked our greatest adventure during our trip, a two day excursion to Strasbourg, France. That morning we had assembled at the train station greatly anticipating to see the country whose problems and advantages we have been endlessly discussing in our French class. After a surprisingly short train ride (approx 4 hours), we made our arrival at the train station on Strasbourg where we lay stunned by the view spread out ahead of us. We enjoyed the two days in Strasbourg a lot. The youth hostel, in which we were accommodated was exceptionally clean and excellently managed. Naturally we had sufficient fee time to explore all parts of the town, to visit e city market, and most importantly, to eat warm macaroons.

Applying our knowledge of the French language was unavoidable, until of course the French shop keepers realized we were German tourists and began speaking to us in German to prevent further embarrassment. A warm welcome from our host families awaited us at the train station follow our return on Thursday afternoon.

The next day was spent with our individual corresponding students in their respective classes. Thereafter followed a "farewell party" Encumbering all corresponding students, their parents, and both sets of teachers and of course us. Whilst snacking on coffee and cake we conversed on our trip and future plans together. Saturday morning marked the beginning of our return to Nairobi.

Never before have two weeks past so quickly. We made many experiences, learnt a lot and got to know several new friends, all in all a nice, educational, varied and most if all interesting adventure.

A big thank you to Ms Petschl and Ms Bernardo, we truly appreciate it.

Amir Fazal, Luka Vihuto, Class 11


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