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Middle School Model United Nations (MSMUN) Programme

Date 08/02/2012


Students from Classes 9 and 10 from the German School Nairobi have been participating successfully in the East African Model United Nations (EAMUN) Programme for some years now. This year, we decided to open to this programme to our younger students in Classes 7 and 8, too. 17 students thus represented the German School at the 18thMiddle School Model United Nations Conference held at the UNON buildings in Gigiri from the 24th to the 27th of January 2012.



The MUN programme simulates the Unites Nations; each school is thus allocated several countries and organisations, and the students, or delegates as they then become, represent "their" country. (We were allocated Brunei, Hungary, Peru and the International Red Cross.) Each group is led by an Ambassador. The school re-groups the delegates further into committees (Ecology, Health, Human Rights and Technology Committees for the MSMUN programme). Delegates must then prepare a resolution, which is presented to the respective committee during the conference.  The resolution is debated, and all delegates from other schools vote on whether this resolution should pass or fail. There is also a "Special Summit" session, where delegates debate controversial issues , such as the further development of nuclear power, or whether advertisements should target children.

The conference ends with a disco, which was hosted by the French School this year.


Most schools in Nairobi (both private and government) participate in this programme, which means over 600 delegates participated in this year's conference.  While our MSMUN students did not win any awards, we all agreed that it was an incredible experience in co-operation, dress code, negotiation, diplomacy, debating and public speaking, to name but a few! An experience that all participants are keen on repeating next year!

Further information on the MUN Programme is available on


Participants of classes 7 and 8 in this year's MSMUN programme

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