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Reading Competition in the Primary School

Date 11/07/2012

The annual Reading Competition took place in the library on the 12th of June. The audience was surprised by a musical interlude sung by the new scholarship students of Class 4. The song, "Immer wieder kommt ein neuer Frühling" was sung with great enthusiasm under the guidance of Ms Stegen. All the children from Class 1 then read a text from the children's book, "Cornelius." It is indeed very impressive how well they can read in less than one year.


The actual competition took place after this. Unfortunately, Antoni Zeyer was unable to participate in the competition as he was ill. Thus only Sophia Reim and Jascha Buchheit participated from Class 2. David Hansert, Nicole Iten and Triziah Etarukot read for Class 3. Manja Buchheit, Sarah Marx and Nico Hittmeyer from Class 4 read passages from a book of their choice. The judges then had the very difficult task of picking a class winner. Sophia Reim took the first place in Class 2, David Hansert in Class 3, and Manja in Class 4. These winners were then invited to read a passage from an unknown book, to decide who the overall winner should be. Manja Buchheit took this prize. Congratulations!

A special thank you to Ms Semjank, who organized the library appropriately, and purchased the beautiful book prizes.


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