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Date 11/07/2012

After a break from a Realschule qualification (qualification at the end of Class 10) last year, four students took their final Realschule examinations this year. Nathalie Lammers, Kevin Srithar, Lena Stier and Tarek Suleiman were the four candidates of the German School Nairobi. All four of them passed the written and oral examinations, and received their certificates from the Acting Headmaster Franz Baur on the 22nd of June 2012. The four candidates had been able to say farewell to their fellow students in Class 10 the day before, in a happy relaxed and environment during a school excursion.


The Kindergarten choir, under the guidance of Ms Berge started off the celebration ceremony, followed by the violon-duo, Maria Papathanasiou and an apprentice Nathalie Farr, and then the Class 2 choir, led by Mr Haße. The new scholarship students stunned the audience with their rendition of a spring song in perfect German. Almost every single seat in the gymnastics hall was taken, as in addition to the families of the four graduates, and teachers, the students of Calsses 9, 10 and 11 were also invited to attend.

Speeches were made by Ms Kirsch, as a representative of the Embassy, and by Mr Tenambergen as the Chairperson of the Parents' Representatives. Ms Kirsch emphasised her bond with the school, which she attended herself, and Mr Tenambergen gave future prospects from a career perspective. Mr Karl Schick, the class teacher, described the four students as new species being released into the world, a description carried out with humour. The Student Representatives of Class 10, Natalie Beck and Charmaine Ndolo spoke about the characteristics of their peers, and gave each one of them a hand-signed kikoy.


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