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German School Football Centre

Over the past five years, the German School offered football as an extracurricular activity and regularly fielded teams in the age groups U9, U10, U11 and U18. The U9 team, in particular, has been successful, securing second place in the ISK Mini-World Cup in 2012 and a 1:1 home draw against Babadogo, the best team in town.

Some of the more ambitious young players were able to join the training program of Ligi Ndogo, a Kenyan organization hosted on Saturday mornings by the German School. Unfortunately, Ligi Ndogo found it difficult to provide enough competent trainers and withdrew in 2012.

To fill the gap and involve more of the students, members of the German School Society founded 'The German School Football Centre.' The new centre offers training with competent coaches over three seasons per year for children aged 5 to 13 from the school and neighbouring communities. A fee of 6,000 KES per player per season is charged. Each team can look ahead to one match per month with other schools or football academies in Nairobi, as well as regular tournaments. Fixtures outside Nairobi are planned for the future.

The football centre began operating in January and is developing well. After two months, it had attracted over 50 members, and was able to field up to five teams. A sponsor, Thola Glass, has provided new balls and training bibs to help get things started. Inaugural friendly matches against the International School of Kenya (ISK) on February 23 saw those teams start to take shape. They also brought encouraging results, with wins for the U6 (4:0), U7 (2:1) and U11 (4:2) and a hard-fought draw for the U9 (1:1).

The objectives of the GSFC program include:

  • Offering children a healthy occupation on Saturday mornings
  • Detecting and fostering talent through competent training
  • Integrating the German School into the larger Kenyan community
  • Promoting the school as a centre of comprehensive quality education

By including players from the surrounding communities, the football centre has assured the strength of each age group and raised the standard of play. This could be a model for other sports where the school struggles to form competitive teams, due the relative small pool of students.

For the organizing committee,

Ernst Tenambergen and Stephen Graham